Dr Luka Kecman, president of the jury

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina                                                                        Full Professor of the Academy of Arts Banja Luka – Department of History and Theory of Film and Theater, Dramaturgy and Production.                          Narrow artistic-scientific field: History and theory of film and theater            As a director, in the theaters of Serbia and RS, he staged close to 40 titles by domestic and foreign authors. Some of these performances have been performed at domestic and international festivals, where they have been noted and won special accolades.
For his artistic and pedagogical work, Luka Kecman has been awarded many times at domestic and international festivals.

Olivera Pančić, member of the jury

Belgrade, Serbia                                                                                                        Olivera Pančić, journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has been engaged in research and, above all, engaged in journalism for more than 30 years. The main feature of her documentary work is that she follows the characters of her stories for years, concentrating on changes, whether systemic or individual, that change the life of an individual or a group of people (the series “Dossiers on …”). He is currently the author and editor-in-chief of the Documentary Editorial Board of Radio Television of Serbia. Her documentaries and shows have participated in the official programs of many documentary film festivals and won numerous awards in various categories in the country and abroad, among which is the most prestigious award in television journalism.
–Prix Italia – for the television show “Life That Kills” -2006. years

Dragomir Zupanc, member of the jury

Ljubljana, Slovenia                                                                                          Graduated in film directing in the class of Professor Aleksandar Petrović in 1971. He wrote for Student, edited the magazine ‘F’ and Vidike, collaborated in Sineast, Ekran, published articles in Politika, NIN and Danas. He led the UFUS Expert Tribune. One of the founders of the magazine FILMOGRAF. Editor of the SKC Film Program in the period from 1974 to 1977. Editor-in-Chief of the Entertainment and Recreation Program of RTV Montenegro (1985-1990). Since 1996, he has been the Director General of RTS.

Winner of several awards and recognitions at festivals in Belgrade, Bar, Zlatibor, Ljubljana, S. Karlovci, Bijarica, as well as the Golden Maple for his contribution to cinematography, Jahorina Film Festival 2018.

He lives and works in Belgrad

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