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Jahorina Film Festival is a permanent event in the field of culture, whose founder is UG Jahorinafest. JFF is at the same time a domestic and international competitive film festival of artistic achievements in the field of documentary and short feature films, made using the technique of film or video (electronic recording). The festival is held in Palam (Bosnia and Herzegovina), once a year, in the last week of September.

The 15th Documentary and Short Film Festival will be held from September 22 to 25, 2021, at the Pale Cultural Center.

One of the oldest film festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina will last 4 days this year, and will present a rich film program in several national and international competition categories: documentary, experimental film and video art, and short feature film. Numerous special screenings, professional programs and forums for professionals and students, meetings and talks with festival guests, master classes and other accompanying programs are planned.

Selected films compete for the Golden Maple Award in the individual categories for which they have applied as well as for the unique Grand Prix Festival award. The festival also awards professional prizes - for the best director, camera, editing and sound / music design. The Festival Directorate also awards special prizes for films that have sent a strong message and changed genre conventions.

Jahorina Film Festival is a traditional meeting place for film authors from the country and abroad, producers, distributors and representatives of renowned film festivals, journalists and critics, students and professionals. It is a place for the promotion of documentary, short and experimental film, a platform for inspiration and development of new ideas, as well as an opportunity for domestic audiences to watch exciting, carefully selected current titles, which they do not have the opportunity to see in cinemas.

15 years of tradition

15 years of tradition

The first edition of the Jahorina Film Festival was held from December 29 to 2, 2007 in Jahorina.


Documentary up to and over 50 minutes, experimental film and video art, and short feature.


A place to promote documentary, short and experimental film.


Special screenings, professional programs and forums for professionals and students, master classes and other accompanying programs.

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