The first edition of the Jahorina Film Festival was held from November 29 to December 2, 2007 in Jahorina. After two years, the Festival moves to Pale, where it was held for the first time from November 29 to December 2, 2009.

From its beginnings, the festival has been important for the promotion of domestic documentary and short feature, animated and experimental films. As a place of domestic and international premieres, the Festival has been and remains a meeting point for domestic and foreign professionals, students of film schools and academies and film lovers. The directors who were awarded for their documentaries and short feature films at this event became, as a rule, greats of regional, ie Serbian cinematography.

Preserving a rich tradition, the Jahorina Film Festival in the 21st century follows modern trends in film art and technology, shows films of high artistic quality and encourages the further development of domestic film production.

15 years of tradition

15 years of tradition

The first edition of the Jahorina Film Festival was held from December 29 to 2, 2007 in Jahorina.


Documentary up to and over 50 minutes, experimental film and video art, and short feature.


A place to promote documentary, short and experimental film.


Special screenings, professional programs and forums for professionals and students, master classes and other accompanying programs.

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